Whistler Shadows

On a recent trip to Whistler with my wife and son I got a few minutes to sit and just see.  People, bikes, dogs, skateboards passed threw my lens.  Left to right, right to left. I felt like I was directing a movie with my lens.  My finger yelled “action” and “cut”.  A few people stopped and said “sorry ” I got in your shot or stopped to let me take the picture.  I’d have to say “no no keep walking don’t worry I’m taking a picture of your shadow”.   Look forward to developing this project some more.

Take a look at Mark Lewis’s website – project – “Rush Hour,morning, Cheapside (2005)  http://www.marklewisstudio.com/films2/Rush_Hour.htm

Whistler Shadows Whistler Shadows 9 Whistler Shadows 10 Whistler Shadows 11 Whistler Shadows 13 Whistler Shadows 14 Whistler Shadows 16 Whistler Shadows 17

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