Photo Transfers

This post includes a series of photo transfers I recently finished up on “Main Street Birds” & “Gastown”, I edited the images to give them a Vintage, worn out feel. This was my first time transfering images onto wood panel and I can say I will definitely be using this surface again.  The colour images are done on Canvas.  These pieces vary in size from 4×4 / 6×6 / 8×8  inches and look great together as a set or on there own.

These pieces are for sale, contact for more info.Enjoy!

Main St Birds 6 Main St Birds 5jpg Main St Birds 4 Gastown tracks 6x6 Main St Birds 3 Main St Birds 2 Cordova 4x4 Flat Iron Bldg 6x6 Main St Birds 1 Woodward w 4x4 Gastown chair 4x4 Water St 6x6 Woodward bldg 8x8 Buddha 8x8 Dominion Bldg 8x8

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