Railway Club / Live Music event coverage for Vandocument.com

First photography assignment for Vandocument.com / Saturday April 19, location — Railway Club, Vancouver. Live music by local bands —- Crystal Swells / Ty Collins / Grizzly Bones / The Pretty’s.  Hoped on my bike and got to the Railway Club at 8pm, had a beer to relax and take in the atmosphere of this Vancouver staple for live music established in 1931 !  With bands like the Tragically Hip, K.D. Lang, Blue Rodeo, Barenaked Ladies having played here you could feel the tradition and history as soon as you walk up the stairs and enter the club.

Documenting this event I wanted to bring the energy and emotion the bands were playing with into my shots. I moved around the room listening and seeing the evening play out before me.  I was not used to this pace of shooting, it was difficult at times to focus on seeing and shooting when you wanted to listen to the music and jam out.  You need to find that balance, where the two senses are working together and flowing.  I hope some of the images captured will give you a glimpse into the great bands and live music available in Vancouver !

Check out —- http://www.vandocument.com —- for more great events and documentation.

Check out —- http://www.therailwayclub.com —- for Live Music Calendar.

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