Duality : An art experiment

Covered my second assignment for Vandocument.com last week @ the East Van Studios,  the opening night for Duality : An art experiment.  Organized by Shannon Higgins, this exhibit merged 25 writers, poets with 25 artist on the two walls of this warehouse building converted into a multipurpose studio.

Having been inside various art galleries / studios both as an attendee and artist, this was my first photo shoot inside an art gallery.  For the most part I stayed behind the lens snapping away, creating my own “live art” with every click but once in awhile I caught myself engaged by the art and words on the walls.  Taking pictures of the guest as they read the words and viewed the art pieces one by one you could see the artist, writers, poets had struck a few nerves.  Some people spent seconds in front a piece, while others spent minutes.

Although the studio was one large room it had large windows providing great natural light.  I made sure to use the four corners of the space to take advantage of the light and the second floor and stairs were great  to take some cool perspective shoots from. I also shoot a lot of pictures from over the shoulder of the viewer. Capturing the pose and gaze when they first saw a piece or as they moved from one piece to another.  The interaction of the crowd with each other and my interaction with them was also important.  I did not want to be disturbing or obscuring there view as they made there way around the space.  I often found myself standing in one place for awhile waiting for the right shoot to come into frame.

I hope you enjoy the pics and will check out http://www.dualityexperiment.com to learn more about the show and artist / writers.



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