On July 17th I covered my latest event for Vandocument – Music and Movement Mondays (MAMM).  A collaborative based performance that happens weekly, combining a different set of musicians, dancers and studio space. These improv based/process focused sessions are simply designed to allow musicians and dancers the freedom to explore and experiment with one another.  This performance @ the Charles H. Scott Gallery was put on by Ben Brown.

Forcing you to be in the moment and really be in tune with your subject (in this case the musicians and performers) and camera, shooting this 30 minute performance was a great experience.  It made me move within the space and crowd both indoors and outdoors.  As a photographer having the ability to see the performance through your lens and not is a skill that I have been working on and these types of shoots are a great learning aid in developing this skill.  Also, as you only have sometimes a split second to capture a shot, learning to see on your toes I guess, is a vital to a photographers success and capturing the moments that count.

Here are a few pics from the performance. Enjoy.  For more info please visit: ——– ———

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