Iq & Roo / Osoyoos, BC Wedding

Osoyoos, for those who have not been it is about a 4 1/2 hour drive from Vancouver in the Okanagan Valley of BC. This small town was the backdrop for Iq & Roo’s magical day.  With wineries, beaches and lakes all around you, shooting a wedding here was both easy and hard.  As the wedding and reception were held on the same day, not much time was left between the events to catch your breath.  So doing some research ahead of time and being on the same page with the team of photographers / videographers and of course the couple is  key in making the transition from morning to evening.

Working along side professionals who make your job easier and fun is a huge help, so a big shout out to Keenan Brown (second shooter) – & Treven (videographer) –

Here are a few of my favourite moments captured;

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